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Bikefit Benefits

More Comfort

Cycling should never be uncomfortable – rid yourself of backpain, footpain, handpain numbness, and other discomfort by ensuring you have the perfect setup based on your individual body shape

Decreased Injury Risk

Whilst the risk of injury in cycling is generally low, issues with muscle imbalances and joint movement restrictions can cause overuse syndromes and joint pain if not addressed within your bike setup.

Increased Power Output

Your position on the bike has a HUGE impact on the power you can generate, something as simple as foot position on the pedal can waste large amounts of your hard earned wattage! Ensure you are getting the most ‘bang for your buck’ by optimising your position.

Improved Aerodynamics

Free speed anyone? With the advent of ‘aero bikes’ and super high end, mega expensive TT rigs people forget that 75% + of the drag created by a bike and rider comes from the rider – not the bike. Maximise your speed by getting as aero as you can!

Greater Performance

Put all of the above together and you have a great basis for cycling improvement BUT add in the ‘secret sauce’ that comes from not experiencing premature fatigue from trying to hold yourself in a sub-optimal position and you will be amazed in your improvements (whether you want to win the Tour De France or just get out for a long ride on a Sunday)

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Adjustment Points 

Point 2 - Seat - Your saddle shape and position has a huge impact on comfort overall as well as avoidance of fatigue
Point 1 - Foot - Getting the correct foot alignment is vital in producing power and avoiding hip/knee issues
Point 3 - Handlebars - Getting the correct reach and width of stem/bar is vital in avoiding back and shoulder pain whilst also allowing optimal control and power

About Us 

Bikes - and helping people get the absolute best from their bikes is our passion. Our head fitter Michael is a lifelong bike racer and triathlete who competed at the highest level in mountain bike, road racing and triathlon before embarking in 16 years of study and practice in biomechanics, sports massage, injury rehabilitation and strength and conditioning. We bring all of this knowledge and experience together to ensure you are 100% optimised for comfort, performance and efficiency (no matter your riding style).

Our Process

We start every fit session with a full assessment, we look at your static posture, your functional movement ability using the NASM protocols, your current power output vs heart rate at specific intensities AND carry out a full interview to gain feedback on injuries, issues and riding style/goals.

In order to get the best outcome FOR YOU we need to know where we are starting from, therefore it is vital that we watch you on the bike, we do full video analysis of your current position and riding technique to base the adjustments and position modifications from – we also explain the reasons why we are making the changes – it is just as important that you understand the reasoning behind our choices

Starting with the foot position and cleat setup we will adjust all elements of your setup to get you in the most comfortable and most efficient position possible, we use up to the minute technology to measure and adjust joint angles, body position and weight distribution

Once we have your new position dialled we then test your power output vs heart rate again to see how much of a difference the changes have made, we also allow you time to ride on a trainer to get a feel for the new position and make sure you are confident it is sustainable.

Nearly the most important step – here we coach you on how to set up your other bikes to match your new position AND give you some guidance on flexibility and strength work (based on the postural analysis) that will help you to become even more comfortable and efficient on the bike.

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